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Some Things To Consider With Course Design

Anyone who knows Fuzzy or who has been around Fuzzy knows that every minute of life should be FUN…”Fuzzy Fun.”course1.jpg

This core principal carries over to the serious subject matter of golf course design. Why is golf course design considered “serious?”

Very simple.

The decisions you make early on in the planning stages of your project will have a lasting impact on the quality and success of the end product.

These decisions early on will determine success versus failure. Profitability versus losses.

Fuzzy's Core Philosophy

Let's add one additional principal to Fuzzy's philosophy on golf course design. PROFITABILITY. This is where many projects take it on the nose if profitability isn't a main consideration early on.

Unfortunately, most architects today are interested in building monuments with little regard for the average player. It's important to realize that the average golfer today can't break 100. Why is that important?

Because they will make up over 70% of your golfing population.

You see, the true art to golf course design is to create a facility that can be fun for everyone yet challenging for low handicap players.

You will service more golfers each year (more greens feecourse2.jpg revenue) and you will foster happy, repeat customers who will spread the word to their friends and family.

Your Biggest Budget Item

Also, consider the upkeep of the golf course when it is finished.

This includes chemical applications, fairway and greens complex mowing, bunker maintenance, trimming, labor, etc. These will more than likely be your largest budget expense.

The planning and design of the course should take these items seriously from the very beginning. You would be surprised how many architects couldn't care less. Why should they? They have been paid and have moved on to their next monument!

If you are contemplating building a golf course, or if you know of someone who is, contact us today for information on golf course design. We look forward to hearing from you!