Fuzzy's Charity for Kids

          Since Fuzzy began playing professional golf, he has beenFuzzyWithKidHospitalBed.jpg interested in helping kids.  From one tournament to another, year after year, he has endeared himself to youngsters in the gallery.  And the youngsters in the gallery have always loved Fuzzy. 

          In fact, it's an annual ritual each year at the Masters for Fuzzy to pull an unsuspecting youngster out of the gallery to hit a golf shot during his practice round and create a memory for a lifetime.

          Whether competing in a PGA TOUR or Champions Tour event, Fuzzy enjoys helping kids.  He created "Fuzzy's Charity for Kids" in an effort to help children in numerous ways in his "Kentuckiana" region. 

          This chairty is the beneficiary of "The Magnolia Health Systems Wolf Challenge," Fuzzy's golf event he hosts each year.  World famous golf professionals and celebrities help Fuzzy put on a world class event.

          Over the course of the past twelve years and with the help of numerous sponsors and volunteers, Fuzzy's event has helped raise over $1,600,000.00 for children's charities.  While doing that he has created an event which is considered by many to be one of the most enjoyable golf events in the country.    

          In addition, Fuzzy partners with corporations and conducts numerous outings all over North America to raise funds for children's charities.

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