Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka

          Fuzzy Zoeller knows what victory tastes like and he wants to share it with you. We are proud to introduce to you, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka. With an award winning taste, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka provides an exceptional foundation for enjoying the moment. Fuzzy understood the competitive nature of the vodka category, yet he still felt the need to create a product that was truly distinctive.

          Not willing to simply place his name on an average product, Fuzzy spent nearly four years creating a vodka that not only satisfied, but exceeded his tastes and preferences. Distilled five (5) times from corn and grains, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka has a smooth and exceptional taste. In addition to being five (5) times distilled, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka is also slowly filtered ten (10) times through charcoal to provide an amazingly clean finish.

          The combination creates an exceptional final result, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka. Awarded a gold medal and a 94 rating from the Beverage Testing Institute, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka is clearly more than another celebrity brand. Jerald O'Kennard, Director of the Beverage Testing Institute agreed. "94 is an extremely good score, and unusually high," said O'Kennard. "Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka is quite exceptional, and our review places it in the upper echelons of vodkas worldwide in terms of quality, flavor and smoothness."

          A "Hole In One Vodka" indeed, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka is an exceptional 100 percent American-Made brand. Currently available in twenty five states, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka continues to grow throughout the United States and soon the world. Available at golf courses, restaurants, fine hotels, and retail establishments, Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka challenges the competition and aims for the pin every time. If you can't find Fuzzy's in your favorite establishment, ask for it by name, "Get Fuzzy!"

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