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An Easy Way to Become a Professional Putter

Fuzzy has played competitive golf at all levels. In fact, he lower.jpgstarted playing in tournaments when he was 6 years old. Over those many decades of competition he has learned that one of the main keys to scoring is one word and one skill....putting.

And the facts and statistics support this conclusion.

Anyone who follows golf these days will conclude that Tiger is currently the best. Let's look at his 2008 stats.

In the events he played in, Tiger was first in scoring, averaging 67.65 strokes per 18 holes. He also averaged 28.65 putts per 18 holes.

Here's the conclusion. Over 42% of his strokes were putts, and many of those were within 10 feet.

Bottom line is this, if you are TRULY interested in improving your golf game. The easiest and quickest way to substantially reduce your score is to become a GREAT putter.

A Fantastic Practice Drill

Many golf professionals for years have practiced putting to a small target, like a coin or a golf tee inserted into the green. They knew that focused practice to a small target would make the hole look huge once they got on the golf course.

But, there was a problem. Fuzzy knew that practicing to a small target helped his putting, but something was missing. He missed hearing that beautiful sound of the ball rattlng in the bottom of the hole.

After almost a year of communicating with various Hong Kong based toy manufacturers and then testing various prototypes, "The Putting Peg™" and "The Putting Pod™" were born.

It was important that the end product be inexpensive and easy to use. Those goals were accomplished.

"The Putting Peg™" and "The Putting Pod™"lower2.jpg

The Peg is the outdoor unit, and the Pod is the indoor unit. Both units combine the benefits of putting to a smaller target with the psychological lift all golfers experience when hearing the ball fall into the hole.

These aids have been utilized by golf professionals on every tour all over the world. Leading teaching professionals also use them with their students who are trying to improve their putting.

These patent pending putting tools are guaranteed to make you a better putter. All you have to do is practice your putting 5 to 10 minutes each day, or for just a few minutes prior to teeing off.

Also included are "learning rings" which when placed on the Peg or Pod will increase the size of the target.

The price of these putting aids invented by Fuzzy and guaranteed to improve your putting are less than the cost of a dozen low end golf balls.