Fuzzy, Nancy Lopez, David Feherty and Amy Alcott Compete at Forsgate

          Forgate, NJ -- Gallery favorite Fuzzy Zoeller joined up with LPGA legends Nancy Lopez, Amy Alcott and CBS golf commentator LopenZoellerFehertyWeb.jpgDavid Feherty on Tuesday, September 23rd at the historic Forsgate Golf Club in Monroe Township, NJ.

          Approximately 150 attendees were treated to a clinic by Zoeller, Lopez and Alcott, who all hit a variety of golf shots and provided tips for those hoping to improve their golf games.

CBS commentator David Feherty provided plenty of quips and comments to make up for the fact that is is no longer able to play golf after a serious bicycle accident earlier in the spring.

Following the clinic, Zoeller, Lopez and Alcott competed in a nine-hole skins competition.  What made it unique was that every three holes a new amatuer got to join them inside the ropes and compete for an experience of a lifetime.  

          The only exception was the first three holes, where Forsgate head professional Jim Woods had the opportunity to compete.

          Zoeller ended up with the most skins, but decided to donate his $3,500.00 in winnings back to the Forsgate Foundation, which helps children in the Monroe Township area.

          "The kids need it more than I do," stated Fuzzy when handing the check back.